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The Advantages of Selling Direct To Us

Advantage One

We work to make selling your house simple and hassle-free.  There is no pressure and we can accommodate any situation.  We close deals quickly or slowly, working to fit whatever schedule you need.  When we are authentic and open with you the homeowner, we find we can work to complete a transaction that benefits both you and us.

Advantage Two

We respect your time and work to complete the purchase of your house on any timeframe you need.  We pay cash so there are never any delays caused by lender appraisals.  We complete our own inspection of the property so we don’t need any outside people to come to your house.

Advantage Three

We pay you a fair price because we make our money by adding value to houses by fixing them up.  Our approach of completing the repairs and fix-up, or remodeling your house, makes it possible for us to pay you a price that is reasonable.  We work with you to come up with a purchase price that works for you and us.

Who We Are

XEquity Homes was founded and is managed by John Hoffman.  Since 1987 John has been purchasing and re-selling value added properties. During the last 30 years we have completed over 2000 rehab real estate projects.  We have acted as general contractors, engineering contractors and real estate investors.  This combination of construction experience and real estate transactions for over 30 years gives John a unique perspective.  The philosophy at XEquity Homes is to keep the process simple and transparent, making sure to create a situation where you the homeowner receive a fair price and we get the opportunity to create value.